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Alannah Bergin Video Toronto Modeling Agency‎

Alannah Bergin Video  Toronto Modeling Agency‎

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Alannah Bergin Model Skater Dancer Trapeze

Figure Skater/Dancer/Fly Trapeze
Performance:  Led Zepp Tribute   Dancer/Choreographer
December/2011 – Toronto, Ont
Mr. Flows/Erie Festival       Dancer
July/2010-Toronto, Ont
Big Sugar – Rock/Reggae band      Dancer
August/2010- Lockport, NY
The Young Empires Music Vid   Hula hoop Dancer
February/2010- Toronto, Ont
DJ Lazzer Trash    Dancer
January/2010- Toronto, Ont
Billy Talent- Diamond Landmine Video- Dancer
January/2010- Toronto, Ont
Limitless Choreographers Showcase- Dancer/Choreo
March/2009- Toronto, Ont
Environmental Paint/Hula Music Video- Hula/Dancer
May/2008- Montreal, QC

Flying Trapeze/StaticNational Circus School
Jan/2010-May/2010 Toronto, Ont
Modern/Cont/Jazz Dance    Ballet Creole
Sep/09-May/11 Toronto, Ont
Ballet/Jazz Dance Ballet Divertimento
Montreal, QC
Figure Skating   Canadian Figure Skating Assoc 1988-currently

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